Cottage Village Green Hill

Green Hill cottage community is an elite area in the suburbs of Odessa. People who decide to get away from the bustle of the city can live here with convenience and comfort. to settle in favorable conditions in close proximity to nature.

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Favorable ecology combined withproximity to Odessacreates conditions life familiar to a city dweller. Cozy country cottages allow you to avoid the noise of cars and crowds, bustle and haste, the suffocation of the concrete walls of a big city.

But in our cottage village you can enjoy magnificent nature, picturesque views and fresh air all year round.

The suburban infrastructure of the cottage village is actively developing. Conveniences that were previously available only to city residents are now at the disposal of country property owners.

Why Green Hill cottage community?

One of the main advantages of "Green Hill" is its environmentally friendly location and clean water from a well 200 m deep.

Cottage village ecologically clean location Clean Water Cottage Village Nature near Cottage Village

Nature, greenness and clean water from the well will have a positive effect for the health of residents and create a unique atmosphere in the village.

Security and protection of the territory is also an important advantage, providing peace of mind and confidence in the future.

All necessary communications and convenient roads, and parking will ensure a comfortable life in the village.

Various rest and walking areas will create a favorable atmosphere for family walks and meetings with friends.

What will be at our cottage village?

  • Convenient location - the complex is located in a green area, but at the same time within the city, accessibility to food and construction hypermarkets, 10 minutes to Chernomorka beach (by car) or 40 minutes walk.
  • Security and protection of the territory - controlled access to the territory, video surveillance, security posts.
  • High-quality lighting of the territory - the territory of the complex is provided with high-quality lighting with motion sensors, which saves money for paying SDPT
  • Presence of communications - all sections of the complex are provided with the necessary communications passing underground.
  • Large plot area - each plot has an area of 500 sq.m., which provides a spacious and comfortable home.
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